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Analyticsl Instruments Quiz

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  • Deuterium Lamp is used to produce Ultraviolet Light. This statement is
  • Tungsten Lamp is used as a light source in Atomic Absorption SpectroPhotoMeter. Is it correct?
  • One part in million parts is known as Parts Per Billion.
  • In flame photometer, the optical filter is placed in between the flame and the detector.
  • Flame Ionization Detector is used to detect the non Carbon compounds in Gas Chromatography.
  • Milli Micron and Nano Meter are units of wavelength.
  • Wavelength of 550 nanometers falls in the visible region.
  • pH of acidic solutions is more than 7
  • Zero Grade air is purified Air
  • In a hollow Cathode Lamp, Cathode is negative
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