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Class 9 Physics Questions for Class IX Quiz

It is about Class 9 Physics Questions for Class IX Quiz

This quiz contains the following questions:

  • If a car travels a distance of hundred kilometers in four hours then what is the speed of the car
  • If a car increases its speed from twenty kilometer per hour to fifty kilometer per hour in ten seconds then what is the acceleration
  • Force and Acceleration Question. Object A has a mass of six kilograms and object B has a mass of thirty kilograms then which of the boides A or B has more intertia
  • Physics Gravitation Question. Choose the correct statement about the Newtons Law of Gravitation
  • Pendulum Question. What happens to the period of a pendulum when its length is made four times?
  • Online Physics Help. Escape Velocity Question. What is the value of Escape velocity from Earth?
  • Online Physics Question - Heat Energy. When an object is heated, the molecules inside the object
  • Online Physics Questions. Light. If an object is placed at a distance of 10 cm from a concave mirror of focal length 20 cm then the image distance will be
  • Class 9th Physics Question. Electricity and its Effects. If four resistances each of value 10 ohms are connected in series then what is the resultant resistance?
  • If 4 resistors each of 4 Ohm are connected in parallel then what is equivalent resistance
  • What is upthrust equal to?
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