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It is about Akon Quiz

This quiz contains the following questions:

  • In which year was Akon born?
  • Akon' father was a
  • Akon's debut LP Trouble was released in
  • Akon was born in
  • Which was Akon's Second album?
  • In April 2007, Akon drew criticism for having a racy dance with a preacher's daughter who was aged 15 at the time. Who is she?
  • What actually the singer of “now na na” is conveying in this song of his latest album?
  • What is the full name of Akon?
  • What is the name of Akon' first album?
  • What is the main occupation of Akon?
  • “Smack that” is the single of Akon' famous album named as:
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